Jeneba Project Receives $4000.00 from the Stuart Family Foundation

Posted by Jeneba Project on Saturday, December 9, 2017 Under: Article

The Jeneba Project has received a $4000.00 grant from the Stuart Family Foundation, based in Lake Forest, Illinois, toward its education projects in Sierra Leone. The Jeneba Project will use the new grant for its current secondary school building project for girls in Robis, Sierra Leone.

The Jeneba Project appreciates the Stuart Family Foundation’s interest in the advancement of education, and this grant will strengthen our work of providing free fundamental education for the children of Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leoneans have endured several years of suffering, ranging from a decade-long civil war and Ebola to a recent catastrophic mudslide in Freetown. These predicaments, in addition to corruption, make the country one of the least literate in the world. The country has a national literacy rate of 48 percent. The Jeneba Project is helping to improve this situation by building libraries, schools, and providing scholarships to secondary school girls. 

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