provides a year of school fees for a high school girl.


provides four bags of cement for the school. 


provides two trips of sand for the school project.


Provides four metal windows for the school project. 

Phase One of School Building Completed

The Jeneba Project has completed the first phase of the secondary school construction process in Robis, Sierra Leone. Our aim is that the school will be free of charge and students will have the opportunity of obtaining a quality education without worrying about some the constraints that usually keep them out of school. We have launched a new fundraising effort in order for us to complete the school on time for the 2014 academic year. We have endeavored to keep you updated on every aspect of the project in various forms. Please read our report  and click on the link to view pictures from the field in Sierra Leone. We are highly reliant on your generosity and we hope you will continue to support us by donating towards the completion of this school building, which is our primary project for now. You may also read about the National Symposium on Memory and Remembrance.