When ebola hit in 2014, Sierra Leone had not yet completely recovered from a decade-long civil war. The disease killed almost 4000 people in Sierra Leone, leaving many orphans. The August 2017 mudslide in Freetown added to the agony left by ebola.

Thousands of children are out of school in a country that has lived from tragedy to tragedy for almost two decades. As a result, Sierra Leone has a global literacy rate of 48%. It currently ranks 158 out of 169 countries on the Human Development Index, with one of the highest maternal and infant mortality rates in the world.

In all these, women and girls are at the gravest disadvantage. Two of the greatest obstacles to girl's education in Sierra Leone are teenage pregnancy and child marriage. Our work is geared toward providing options for girls by making secondary education accessible and affordable. 

Current Project

We are currently building a high school for girls in Robis, Sierra Leone. This is a school we are going to support in order to make sure that we are providing quality education in a dignified space. One of the fundamental aspects of the school is that it is going to be free of charge - that is, there will be no school fees. Our aim is to build and sustain a learning space that removes most of the obstacles to girl's education in Sierra Leone. The funds we are raising will go toward setting up administration, teacher salary and management. We are counting on your support to help provide quality education to girls in Sierra Leone.