We are excited to have you join our efforts! 

These are just some ideas we have for how you can help. If you have a cool or quirky fundraising idea, email us! Better yet, have videos of your fundraisers? Send them our way and we'll post them on our site!

You can register your team below. All minors and secondary school groups must have a school supervisor! 


Become a Guest Lecturer

Want to come teach or donate your time at the girls academy? Contact us about the opportunities we have for visiting lecturers/staff.

Add us to Amazon Smile

Add The Jeneba Project as the charity of choice on Amazon Smile. That way, every purchase will also donate to our projects.

Invite A Speaker

Have a Jeneba Project staff member come speak in person or via Skype at your school, local community club, religious society or as part of a fundraiser. Our founders can speak about the project and give a glimpse of what life was like for youth during the civil war that shook Sierra Leone. 

Give Up a Gift

This birthday, Christmas, Chanukah or new years, give up a new gadget, pair of jeans or that last margarita and ask your friends and family to donate to the Jeneba Project instead.

Give a Gift

Give a donation in the name of your loved ones or buy them a variety of  JenPro gifts such as a book of Sierra Leonean folktales, wristbands, you name it, at the Jeneba Project store.

Matching Program

Does your work have a donation-matching program? Add The Jeneba Project to their non-profit list and perhaps even get your colleagues to donate as well!

Bar Night

Go to your local bar and ask them if they can donate a dollar or 50 cents of every drink they sell towards the Jeneba Project.  Ask a bar to kindly charge people $5 dollars at the door or ask if your friend can bartend for FREE and have all tips go to the Jeneba Project. This raises a good amount of money and gives your friends a great night out.

Partner for a Cause

Have a friend in a band? Know an actor in a play? Ask them to donate the entrance fee to the Jeneba Project. Why invent the wheel? - Partner for great results!

Rooftop Party

Everyone loves a good rooftop party. Whether you are screening a documentary film festival under the stars or serving punch to the view of the skyline, this is a night that is likely to be remembered.


Have people at a bar or a party pool their money for a 50/50 raffle--half goes to the Jeneba Project, the other goes to the lucky winner!


Choose a goal and get your family and friends to help you reach it through a crowd-funding site.