The Jeneba Project Scholarship is an initiative for the Education of West African girls. We have offered more than 160 scholarships over the years in the form of annual school fees to academically motivated Secondary School girls in Sierra Leone and Liberian refugee girls in Guinea and Sierra Leone.

The aim of our scholarship scheme is to encourage motivated school girls to remain in school and pursue their education with continuous diligence and determination. 

Sierra Leone is currently one of the poorest countries in the world. Over 60% of educational infrastructure was destroyed during the ten-year civil war, and girls in comparison to their male counterparts often have limited opportunities to pursue their education. 

We do not base our awards mainly on students’ academic results. We rely mostly on recommendations from institutional heads who know their students well. Nominated students automatically qualify to participate in the general application process.

From 2002-2010, the Jeneba Project, under various titles such as Save the Future Generation (SAFUGE) and Beatitude International (BI), has provided clothing and school materials to more than 5000 children in the Mano River Union countries of Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia.

We have also granted medical assistance to more than 100 children within the same region.  Our efforts are now concentrated on providing education to the children of the Mano River Union.  

In 2007, we obtained a grant through the 100 Projects for Peace initiative to build a library in Sierra Leone. We constructed a Secondary School in the same region in 2009.

We welcome donations in any amount to our projects!